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New container arrivals with new colors combinations for ROTA P1-R & D2-EX

With the new arrival of containers for August, we have new colors available for the ROTA P1-R in 18 x 9.5, 5x100 +38 and also ROTA D2-EX 18 x 9.5, 5x114.3 +15 in Matt Gun metallic with sports bronze lip. We will continue to increase stock and more models of wheels in this color.

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ROTA Vector Pro R in stock now

ROTA Vector Pro R are now in stock in available sizes, widths and offsets including:

18 x 9.5, 5x100 +38 in white, matt black, hyper black and plain gold.

18 x 9.5, 5x114.3 +35 in white, matt black, hyper black, and plain gold.

Please contact us or your nearest authorised dealer for further information or ordering. Further widths and offset will be available in the future.

New Containers Arrivals 2016

We welcome a new year 2016 with new container arrivals as well as new model wheels coming in the next few weeks.

We have the new ROTA Pro Rs coming in 18" from 8.5 to 9.5 wide. We will have colors available in White, Matt Black, Hyper Black and Gold.

ROTA Z Centre Caps are here!

The ROTA Z centre caps (optional item) have finally reached Australia and they are here to stay. Available in MOST colors that we stock of the wheels, these Z caps are engraved with the ROTA logo and painted to suit your colored wheels. These centra caps are FLAT so they may not clear the hub on certain vehicles. Please check that you have the clearance on your hub so that the centre caps will pop onto the wheels and clear it. ROTA Z caps will suit MOST of the ROTA range but may not suit certain models. Contact us to confirm.

The centre caps come in sets of 4 and are priced at $60 a set + delivery.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or would like to purchase them.

New P1R will be hitting the shores of Australia shortly

ROTA Wheels has just released the revised version of the P1 to the P1R. This will be a dished version available in the 18 x 9.5 in the 5x100 and 5x114.3 in various offsets. We have our first batch hitting the shores here at ROTA Wheels Australia shortly mainly targeted for the Subaru Impreza and BRZ and also the Toyota 86 in aggressive fitments. We have the 18 x 9.5, 5x100 +38 arriving in 2 weeks. We will then have the following 5x114.3 versions in the following weeks.

Please feel free to contact us or any of our authorised dealer for further information.

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